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Sunday, 26 February 2012

To Bath or Not to Bath?

Ok, reading that post title you may be excused to think I am some dirty animal who doesn't wash.... This is not the case, thankfully. I am just one of those people who look upon bath taking to be some disgusting habit only undertaken by people who clearly enjoy bathing in their own dirt (yes, I know nobody is THAT dirty but STILL!!).

I much prefer the ease of jumping in the shower and literally spend only about two minutes if that when I am not washing my hair. Even when I am washing my hair I rarely go over ten minutes in the shower. It just feels so uneccessary!

Running a bath takes blooming ages and then once you get in you feel you need to stay in there for a long amount of time just to make it worth the effort of running it.... This is not really an option when I have a 17 month old son. I am lucky if I can even shower on my own without him wanting to come and throw shampoo and other objects at me whilst I'm in there.

Then there's the matter of what to do when in the bath? I get bored after about a minute and need to DO something (no, not that dirty minded people). I end up tempting fate and playing on my iPhone (clearly dangerous but at least I have insurance now!). I usually end up getting too bored and getting out after about ten minutes.

The reason I am writing this rather rambling post? Tonight I have decided I want a bath and am currently running it.... I am determined to get back some of the peaceful tranquility of bath time that I had when I was pregnant with Cameron two years ago. Wish me luck....


  1. This post made me laugh! I used to LOVE nice hot bubble bath after work in the winter, never to 'wash' in (as I use the showet to wash in) but to relax in. Since having a baby that's gone out the window for me too! I have literally had 2 baths since I had josh the rest of the time I'm scraping the odd 2 minute shower in the mornings too! x

  2. This made me laugh aha. I know exactly what you mean by chancing fate with your phone. I've had a few lucky escapes myself!xx

  3. I love a long soak in the bath. Hope you enjoy yours x

  4. We have a bath but it's rarely used, although I love a good long soak, but I agree, showers are quicker and more convenient. If you feel like you're bathing in your own dirt, have a quick shower then just bathe to relax :P xx


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