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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Like, Love, Loathe #1

I have seen Bex over at Futures do these posts for awhile now and I love the idea so am going to start doing them as well!


Having discovered the #bbloggers on Twitter I have fallen in love with Beauty Blogs and am starting to write more beauty posts myself. I am doing a makeup course in February and am looking forward to being a bit more adventurous with my makeup style.


Disaster struck when I went into my local M&S looking for my favourite cheesecake in the world and it was out of stock!!! However, I found these biscuits (the only type of biscuit I liked out of the christmas biscuit selection) and I HAD to have them. I am now officially in love with them.... must avoid M&S at all costs....


I absolutely hate paperwork. This move has required me to fill in and locate a lot more paperwork than I would like. Not to mention all the phonecalls and forms I will be needing to complete in the next couple of weeks. I just want to be all settled in the new house as soon as possible!


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