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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Curry Cooking

One of my new year's resolutions is to learn to cook more and so on Monday I set about getting the ingredients I would need to make a Chicken Tikka Masala curry from scratch. It cost me £20 for the ingredients. Oh. Dear.

very rude looking ginger....

my coriander plant... haha

My boyfriend came over and we made the curry together and, although it was yummy, it didn't turn out quite how it should have done...

The next day I was stuck on what to cook and my boyfriend suggested we try the curry again and I wasn't going to complain (I love curry!)....

Curry #2 was amazing, if I do say so myself, and much more like a Tikka Masala should be. I loved it and will definitiely be making it again. Once you get used to a recipe it is so much more enjoyable than just heating a jar of sauce, though I will definitely be keeping costs down by only making them every so often!


  1. It's so expensive buying all the ingredients to make curry yourself isn't it! No wonder i always end up just ringing up the local takeaway :P But for Christmas my boyfriend has bought us both curry-cooking lessons! A local indian restraunt allow you to go in their kitchen & they show you how to cook your fave curry - then you get to eat it afterwards! You should see if any of your local indians do the same service if you and your boyf enjoy cooking currys :)

    Georgie <3

  2. Wow that is pricey to make, though it looks yum!

  3. Oh wow Georgie, that sounds like a great present, will definitely look into it! And thanks Lucy! xx


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