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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Clothes for Cameron

So yesterday's shopping was mainly focused on getting some new clothes for Cameron. I have been sensible and got them in size 18-24 months as he is 16 months at the moment and I don't want him growing out of them too soon. He is pretty tall for his age anyway (what comes from having a 6'3 dad I guess) so he is already growing out of a lot of the clothes he got for Christmas. I went to George at Asda because the clothes there are always great quality and look just as good as some of the more pretentious kids clothes shops.

The long sleeved tops were only £5 for three- total bargain! I also bought him two pairs of swimming trunks as I plan to start taking him swimming reguarly again once I have moved as the pool is nearby. I also got him some vests to wear at night as he has been getting too hot wearing pjs.

These shoes I could not resist. He has a pair of trainers in size 5 but he is growing out of them and as these shoes were only available in a size 6 I thought I would get them and wait for him to grow into them. I like them because they aren't typical little boys shoes and the bright colours are great.

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  1. Very cool clothes shown above. Parents love to buy these cloths and shoes for their kids.

    Best Regards
    Miss grant microbe


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