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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Book Review: I Heart Vegas

As you may remember me saying, I fell in love with the I Heart Series of books after I was recommended them by a few girls including Rachel from Life of a Sweetaholic. I read the first three books in record time as they are just impossible to put down. Lindsey Kelk is an amazing author.

I got the latest in the series I Heart Vegas for Christmas and the effect was the same. I have been exhausted the last few days where I have stayed up into the small hours reading the book and getting totally drawn in to the adventures of main character Angela and her friends.

Without totally giving away the plot, this book follows on from I Heart Paris and sees Angela still living in Brooklyn with her boyfriend Alex and desperately trying to find work since being let go from her magazine blog. Angela soon realises that things have gotten serious on the job front when she receives news that she is facing imminent deportation. Her friends rally round to try and come up with a plan to keep Angela in the country but, in typical Angela style, things are never easy. A trip away to Vegas seems like the perfect plan, but it only leads to more chaos and drama.

The book took me into Angela's world once again, and although she is often annoying in how she doesn't see the obvious, you feel for her and want things to work out in the end...

I loved this book and now cannot wait for the next to come out! If you are anything like me (aka an emotional wreck) make sure you have some tissues handy as you may well need them...


5/5 an excellent girly chick lit read


  1. This sounds great! I am on the hunt for a good read! Might pick this up :)

  2. Thanks for the blog link hun :)
    I have got this to read from Christmas, I cannot wait! I read the first 2 chapters for free on my iPod and it sounds amazing!! xxx


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