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Friday, 30 December 2011

Product Review: J'adore Dior

I loved this perfume as soon as I smelt it, it is gorgeous. I was so pleased when I opened it on Christmas Eve from my boyfriend and couldn't wait to wear it!

What they say:

"The story of the Eau de Toilette is written around flower essences.
Each essence is obtained through distillation, the Haute Parfumerie procedure that reveals the lavish, radiant and delicate facet of each flower.
Yellow Mandarin essence from Italy, Damask Rose essence and Neroli essence converge in precise harmony. Pride of place is reserved for orange blossom, the white flower that provides Neroli essence.
This luminous flower is hand picked in sunny Tunisian orchards, adding a note of subtlety, sophistication and elegance to the fragrance.
Woody with a hint of vanilla, the base note adds character to the scent of J'Adore Eau de Toilette"

What I say:

As I say, I love this perfume. The bottle is gorgeous and looks great on my cabinet. The fragrance is so feminine and makes me feel like I have been totally pampered, even if I have been having a hectic day with Cameron. The scent reminds me of having a really luxurious bath and I always feel fresh and girly when I have it on. I am no perfume expert but I definitely think this is an amazing fragrance, and I will be buying/begging for another bottle once this one is all used up!


  1. I love this perfume! It smells so fresh :)

  2. I don't think I've ever had a smell of this, will deffo try it next time I am in Boots :) xx


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