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Friday, 2 December 2011

Decemeber Plans!

Happy Decemeber everyone!

I absolutely love this month and would say it is my favourite month of the whole year mainly due to the huge event that happens near the end of it! I have a few exciting plans for this month:

3rd-4th December:

I am going to London for the weekend with my mum, Cameron and boyfriend. We are staying in a central London hotel and going to Winter Wonderland to look around the Christmas market and meet Santa! I am so excited about this as I went briefly last year and loved it. It is so Christmassy and the big kid inside me cannot wait! In the evening my mum is going to look after Cameron at the hotel so that me and my boyfriend can go get something to eat and maybe have a couple of drinks too. On Sunday we haven't really made a plan yet, but sightseeing and shopping are high on the agenda. It's such a shame that me and my boyfriend are both ill at the moment, I am hoping for a miraculous recovery by tomorrow morning for us both, fingers crossed!

16th (approx):

At some point mid December, I am hoping to meet up with my friends from school for a 'fake Christmas'- either an actual smaller version of Christmas dinner round someone's house, or going out for something to eat.


Work It Baby Christmas Meal

As I am not working this year, I felt a bit at a loss not having a Christmas meal to look forward to, luckily there is one planned for the exercise class I attend each week and I am very much looking forward to piling back on some of the weight I have lost through the class at the meal! It is at a hotel in Bournemouth and I have already picked from the menu, yummy!


Obviously Christmas!! Going to be amazing! We are still a little unsure whether our family are coming down from Kent at the moment for the meal, but either way, it will be spent in Bournemouth with lots of food, drink and presents! Yay!


We are travelling up to Kent and then in the evening, travelling from London by coach to stay in Newcastle for a few days and see my brother and his girlfriend (who are not coming down for Christmas). I am looking forward to it, apart from the majorly long journey with Cameron! I hate coaches as it is, let alone with a possibly very grumpy child...


We are travelling back down to Bournemouth in time for New Years Eve, yay!


I have yet to make any New Years Eve plans, but I am looking forward to seeing a new year in and saying bye to the tough year that was 2011!

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