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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

12 Days of Christmas Challenge!

I saw this challenge a week or so ago and couldn't wait to be able to start it!

Day 12. (Dec 14th) A picture of your Christmas tree.

Day 11. (Dec 15th) A favorite Christmas carol. Post an audio.

Day 10. (Dec 16th) An old Christmas photo of you.

Day 09. (Dec 17th) A favorite Christmas tradition.

Day 08. (Dec 18th) Your Christmas wishlist. 

Day 07. (Dec 19th) Plans for the holiday. Just brief.

Day 06. Dec (20th) Describe Christmas in 5 words using adjectives, verb, etc.

Day 05. (Dec 21st) Give or receive? Explain.

Day 04. (Dec 22nd) A favorite Christmas movie.

Day 03. (Dec 23rd) Photograph your favorite Christmas decor in your tree.

Day 02. (Dec 24th) Draw a holiday greeting.

Day 01. (Dec 25th) A picture of you in holiday spirits.

Feel free to complete the challenge yourself, leave your links below!

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