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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My Long Weekend... London, baby!

Sorry I haven't blogged over the weekend, I had quite a hectic one for a change!

On Friday I had my hair cut and coloured and had a chill out in front of the TV night but bright and early Saturday morning I was up and playing taxi for a variety of people. I took my mum to a wedding in town and decided to go Christmas shopping. Big mistake! I did get quite a bit done, but it was so hectic because it was a Saturday. I am definitely going to be finishing Christmas shopping by mid November, I hate crowds!

 After I had picked my mum back up we went to the bowling alley to meet up with my cousin, whose birthday it was. I was exhausted by this point as Cameron had barely slept the night before. Me and my mum went to her friends' wedding reception for a couple of hours and stayed to see their first dance, which was lovely, and for them cutting the cake. The bride's dress was gorgeous!

We went straight from there to meet everyone else for the birthday meal at TGI Fridays, where my cousin works. We shared a couple of bottles of wine so I ended up feeling quite tipsy. After our meal I treated my cousin to a champagne cocktail, and I had a Bellini, which I had never tasted before but was yummy.

My dinner- yum!

The next morning, bright and early (and not getting my extra hour in bed as a result!) we left for London and met up with my dad and sister at my nan's house in Charlton. We got a bus into central london which was an awful experience as it went through a really horrible area of London, the bus was majorly crowded, and we stood the whole hour and twenty minutes journey! When we got there I was happy just to be off the bus, so I didn't mind the walking, which we did a lot of over the day.

being a tourist walking around London!

We ended up in Regent Street and found a pub to have some lunch and drinks. My brother and his girlfriend came and met up with us. I hadn't seen them for a long time, so it was lovely to catch up. After lunch we went for a walk to Covent Garden, but never quite made it there and ended up walking in a massive circle (much to everyone's annoyance) when I went to meet the guy I have been going out with as he was also in London with his friends.

Walking Through Chinatown

After having a quick drink with him, we all went our seperate ways and me, my mum, Cameron, my dad and sister all walked back to get the horrible bus back to Charloton. By this point it was really dark, even though it was only about 6pm. Luckily we got seats on the way back, but it was still really crowded and I was glad to be off it. We still had a 45 minute journey back to my dad's in Essex. The X Factor results were on whilst we were driving back, so I was watching my Twitter and Facebook timelines to keep up with what was happening.

When we got back my sister wanted to watch the show anyway, so we watched it on plus one and my dad made us bacon baguettes, yum! We watched a bit more tv before bed, I was actually knackered!

The next day we were up early as my sister was going to school. We had some breakfast and had a chilled out morning watching old horror films (which were not horror at all but just really funny in how badly made they were!). We watched half of Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankentein. We watched Pretty Woman and my dad made us some lunch, which was really yummy. We drove back mid afternoon and last night I had a relaxed night, away from Trick or Treaters, watching TV with the guy I have been seeing.

Was a very busy, but good weekend! What did you all get up to this weekend? I hope you had a good time whatever you did!


  1. The bride looked beautiful! THe food and cake looks so yum too :P



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