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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Holidays are Coming...

So, pretty much every advert on TV is now a Christmas one (still can't believe I missed the first showing of the Coca Cola ad whilst stuffing my face!), and with only 6 weeks left until Christmas (39 sleeps to be precise), I am now fully justified to be excited about that all important time of year.

I have bought about 2/3 of my presents, have half written by Christmas cards (must finish them and send them!), and am going to try and unearth my Christmas tree in the next week so that I can see what decorations I need to buy for it!

This week I am also booking up for a trip to London the first week of December! Exciting times!

Are you excited for Christmas? Have you got all your Christmas shopping done already or are you waiting for December?


  1. I love how excited you get for Christmas, as it makes me excited too hun!!

    I cannot wait for Christmas, although I have no idea what I am really wanting this year, as always I say surprises!! xxx


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