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Monday, 21 November 2011

2011/2012 Blog Challenge Day 2: How much have you changed overall in 2011?

I think I have changed quite a lot over this year. The picture above was taken on New Year's Eve 2010...

This is one taken at the start of October this year:

So physically I look different, but I also feel so much more confident now as well.

I went through an extremely tough year in 2010, meaning that although 2011 was no walk in the park, I managed to finish Uni feeling so much stronger than I would have done otherwise. I made a conscious decision in January to lose my baby weight, and by April (my deadline) I had lost all of it, and started losing a bit more on top. This in turn has made me feel really good about myself, leading to me looking back into dating again, and I have now been with my boyfriend for over a month, so things are going a lot better on that front as well.

I started my Blog in January this year and it has given me even more confidence and more importantly has made me realise my passion for writing all over again. I have been able to Blog for More! Magazine, which was such a fantastic opportunity, and has led to me arranging work experience with them in the New Year, which I am very excited about. I have also blogged for a dating site, and loved that opportunity as well.

Cameron has changed so much more though! He has gone from a newborn who didn't really do much more than eat, sleep and occassionally make some noise, to a right little character. He is gorgeous and so adorable and I am very lucky, and very proud to be his mum.

I am looking forward to seeing how we both grow and change, and the new adventures we will have in the coming year.

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