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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Topic Tuesday: The Yummy Mummy Debate

Yesterday NetMums' Facebook page put up a status asking the question of whether us mums made an effort with our makeup, and whether we would ever feel comfortable going without it. The response was pretty much 50/50 with half the mums being totally against wearing makeup, stating that it was bad for your skin and that they were either too happy in their own skin to wear it, or suggesting that there were more important things to be doing of a morning as a mum than applying 'slap'. The other half, myself included, were of the opinion that there was nothing wrong with taking care of your appearance despite being a mum, that we found the time to apply it as it is important to still feel confident and attractive, and that it doesn't harm anyone to enhance their natural beauty.

What annoyed me wasn't that other people disagreed with my opinion, that is always going to happen, but more the fact that there were other mums taking it upon themselves to judge my parenting skills because of the fact that I am one of the women who do wear makeup. Wearing makeup, and having my hair highlighted for that matter, do not detract away from my ability to be a good mother. Being a yummy mummy rather than a slummy mummy is not the huge crime some other mums would have you believe. I hate to use the word, but I do think that a lot of these women shunning those of us who wear makeup are simply jealous. It is not to say that mums who do not wear makeup are lesser women, that is of course their own decision. I am not here to judge other mums, just to defend those of us getting pulled up for wanting to hide our flaws and enhance our best features on a daily basis.

Me with my daily makeup on

Yes I wear foundation, concealer, powder, eyeliner and mascara. I wear lipgloss and blusher too, so sue me! It takes me all of five minutes in the morning to apply my makeup, another five minutes to take it off at night. That is hardly going to harm my child. He plays quietly, or is asleep whilst this is happening. Just because I wear makeup, have my hair looking nice and wear tight jeans, it doesn't mean that I am less of a mum than the woman next to me in the Supermarket wearing the stained baggy jeans and hoody with her hair tied up and not a scrap of makeup on. So think twice before you judge us Yummy Mummies. Believe it or not, we have feelings as well as a flawless face....


  1. Go you, Emma! I saw the post as well, and I agree that whats the harm in wearing a little makeup as a mother? If it makes us feel good about ourselves, then we'll feel confident and happy which is surely a good environment for a child to be around rather than someone who is possibly resentful because they no longer feel like themselves after their baby is born.

    When my baby arrives, I'll still wear makeup with pride, just like you! Wearing makeup does not define a person as a mother...grr lol!

    great post as always xo

  2. Good for you! :) thanks hunni :) xx


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