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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Product Review: Transformulas Professional White Teeth Whitener Pen

This is my third and final review of the prize I won from Transformulas. This product is probably my favourite of the three as it is something that I actually need, as my teeth aren't as white as I would like.

What the Packaging Says:

As with the other products in the range, this one has a lot of information on its packaging, which is always good as it allows me to know exactly what the product is meant to do, how it is meant to do it and what it has inside it to make it do those things!

'"Stainless" 60 seconds'

'Professional strength teeth whitening system- whitens teeth in 5 days. Erase away tea, coffee, tobacco stains in a simple 60 second process, without messy plates or mixing'.

The packaging is nice and smart, to the point and has a lovely white smile on the front!

The pen itself is nice and sleek and discreet, it looks a little like an actual pen, and has a nice strong fitted cap that doesn't come off in your bag, so there is no chance of leaking.

When I read the instructions I was pleasantly surprised with how simple the application process was, as I am used to using strong chemical substances mixed onto your teeth and having gum shields on for the whole time which prevented me from being able to speak. This pen just needs to be applied to clean, dry (dab with a tissue to remove moisture first) teeth, left on with your mouth open for one minute, and then left on for a further minute with your mouth closed. You are able to swallow normally, and it doesn't need to be rinsed out as it dissolves onto your teeth.

I did have some doubts as to whether something so 'safe' would actually have any results, however, using it a couple of times a day for a few days I already saw a slight change. My teeth were cleaner and slighter lighter in colour and I reckon that if I had kept application up reguarly then I would see a huge difference. I will aim to get back into using this pen and hopefully have whiter teeth in a couple of weeks!


4/5 This is a great product and I feel with regular application it would work really well. However, I am only giving it a 4/5 because I still don't see how I could justify spending this amount on a teeth whitener when there are so many cheaper versions!


  1. Oooh wow hun this sounds really good, how much is the product? I've always wanted something to make my teeth whiter but never tired anything as I don't know what is good and what isn't :( xxx

  2. This is it hun, it's £25. I would recommend having a look on ebay tbh and getting one of the brand kits you get in Boots for like half the price. I got a Brilliant White one for like £10 on there before. xx

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  4. That's the only risk with DIY teeth whiteners. You should do it the right way for it to be a success. No room for mistakes, in short.


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