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Monday, 10 October 2011

Kick off Your Sunday Shoes

The other day I saw a voucher for free tickets to go and see an advance screening of Footloose. I wasn't majorly excited about seeing the film itself as I had never seen the original, and I am not really a big fan of dance films. I was excited to have a night off from being a mummy, however, and had arranged to go with my mum, whilst Cameron's dad had him at his for the first time at night. Today I was so stressed, so it was great to get away from everything and go to the cinema.

The film was actually surprisingly good and I really enjoyed it, as did my mum. It had the whole audience laughing at a lot of it and the storyline was really interesting (my mum said that it is very similar to the original, but with modern twists and music). It was definitely what I needed tonight!

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