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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Feeling Very Poorly

Since I blogged the other day about feeling under the weather, I have started feeling a lot worse!

I have the flu.... which is not fun usually, but when I have Cameron to look after alone all day, it is even less fun! I am so weak that I could not even move for most of yesterday. I am so grateful that my mum allowed me to come and stay over at hers last night and she helped with Cameron so that I could rest.

My mum is amazing :)

I am feeling a tiny bit better today, but still really weak, and now my chest is quite tight. I am spending most of the day on the settee sans makeup and feeling very sorry for myself. Cameron has CBeebies on but I will be forcing myself out of the house this afternoon, as I did yesterday as well, so that we both get some fresh air.

Cameron is being so adorable. Yesterday I was so weak and felt so pathetic that I started crying and he came and climbed up on top of me and gave me a huge cuddle. Was so cute!

I have cancelled my exercise class tonight and am focussing on being right better by the weekend so we can do lots of fun stuff to make up for being housebound.

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