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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Exciting Weekend Plans!

Ok so tomorrow morning I am going to sunny Brighton with my mum and Cameron to go and drop some baby clothes to a friend, and then meet up with my best friend Aimee who I haven't seen in months and months and who has just moved there.

We are staying in a lovely hotel right on the seafront and Aimee has very kindly offered to look after Cameron with her boyfriend whilst me and my mum go out for a meal, which will be really nice. The rest of the time we are there will be spent doing the whole tourist thing. My mum wants to go to the Pavillion and I have my sights set on the arcade and have heard some amazing things about a museum there as well.

We are coming back Saturday night, but I am fitting in as much as I can in the time we are away as I don't get away as much as I would like (although having said that, we go away again a couple of weekends later to visit my dad and brother in London).

I am most excited to be seeing Aimee and meeting my friend Louise, who is ready to give birth at any moment!

I won't be blogging this weekend, so I hope you all have a great weekend whatever you get up to!

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