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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Picture of the Day 6th September

Today has been a horrible day weatherwise! It has been so windy, there were bins in the road where they had blown over! It was not a nice day to be out and about, but I refuse to stay in all day long with Cameron when he is teething and therefore restless!! Instead, we braved the wind and rain (well, I did, Cameron was snug and warm in his pram with a hood!!), and I went and handed in the designs for my tattoo before having a look around the shops and buying my cousin a birthday present, and myself some more dry shampoo (I love the stuff!). I also stopped off at Marks and Spencers and bought my mum a little present to say thank you for being so much help to me, and I got myself a delicious slice of white chocolate cheesecake for lunch, mmmm! The rest of the day was spent watching Beauty and the Beast with Cameron back round my mum's. Much more sensible activity for a day like today!

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