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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Photo of the Day 21st September

Today I picked my new iPhone 4 up from the depot and have been playing around with it every time Cameron has been occupied since! I have had an issue with the 3G (namely there is low 3G connectivity where I am, which is weird as my last iPhone picked it up fine!), but other than that I am in love with the iPhone all over again. It was so weird being without it for just 4 days! I have already started making it my own with a bright pink case and Cameron as my background again. There is no chance this one is ever leaving my side! I am going to be sat in front of the TOWIE catch up programme in a bit with the app store open, finding all new games to play with.

Do you own an iPhone? Or are you more a Blackberry girl? Or do you feel the smartphones are a waste of space? Let me know!

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