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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My Latest Obession

As you may already know, I got the iPhone 4 the other day and have since had it permanently attached to my side. I discovered iBooks straight away as it was suggested to me by the phone itself. I hadn't heard of it before, but was aware of things like the Kindle allowing you to read books on gadgets.

I looked at the free selection of ibooks first but wasn't too impressed, they were either by unknown authors, really short stories, or classic novels. I did download Wuthering Heights, but got about three pages in before I realised it wasn't the sort of book to capture my imagination whilst using an iPhone. I needed something relatively short, sweet and funny. A chick flick basically. I had another search and came across a book called A Girl Like You by Gemma Burgess for £1.99. I read a couple of the excellent reviews and then downloaded it.

I am so glad I did as I have been glued to the book ever since! I don't get much of a chance to read these days as I have Cameron all through the day, apart from when he naps, which is when I get housework, baking etc done, so I have been reading a little each night. I have found it hard to 'put the book down' each night as it is such a good read, and once I start reading, I find it difficult to stop! I am already looking forward to finding my next online book to read as this one is sadly drawing to a close.

I would definitely recommend iBooks as it is an easy way to read on the go, cheaply, and you can even play music or flick back to Facebook whenever you want!


  1. I know that feeling, left my phone at home once and felt like my arm had been chopped off! I have the iphone and also have a e-reader but i have to say there are sometimes when only a real book will do! I hate it when I start reading at night and getting in to a book because I know I should go to sleep to get up with the little one but can't help but say just one more chapter lol

  2. Yeah, that's what happens to me as well! I know I will pay for it in the morning, but I just can't stop turning the (electronic) pages! Arghh! xx


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