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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Friday Feelings (bit late!): 2nd September

So this week has gone so fast! I have been finding last years FB statuses very interesting as I was heavily pregnant and expecting to give birth any second (although I ended up being a week overdue!). This time in 2009 I was getting my first tattoo and nervous about the pain (which has NOTHING on childbirth!).

Me in 2010

And having my first tattoo in 2009

I have been spending a lot of time with my mum as she goes back to work next week, and have also been busy preparing for my bridal photoshoot which I did last night. I had a great time (although the location we were at was literally buzzing with flies and other annoying bugs which kept biting us!). I have great admiration for the photographer Carl Lewis (from Carl Lewis Photography) and will be posting a few of the shots in a future post.

A behind the scenes photo taken on the shoot

After the shoot I relaxed and watched a film and took a night off from my laptop which is why my Friday Feelings post is a little late.

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  1. a year goes quick doesnt it! its nothing these days!


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