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Friday, 23 September 2011

Friday Feelings: 23rd September

So another week has gone by, which brings me another week closer to my graduation.... It is still a way off,  but I am starting to get a little nervous. It is not going to be the first graduation I have been to, as I went to my mum's last summer when she graduated with her Masters. I was so proud of her!

It means I know what to expect, and that is what is making it worse. I hate sitting in crowds of people, and I am really nervous that I will trip or fall or something stupid in front of everyone! It will be worth it though.

I got my new phone this week and have been playing around with it, getting apps on it, downloading ringtones and music for it, and using the video on it to take some footage of Cameron which I couldn't do before! I took this film of him earlier, and used an app to edit it quickly.

As you can see, he is refusing to walk! He walked once, then reverted back to just holding onto everything whilst he did it, which is frustrating as he has been at that stage since he was 9 months old! Bless him!

Other than that, I have been shopping today for my nan's presents as it is her birthday tomorrow. We are all going out for a lovely meal tomorrow, and then watching the X Factor in the evening.

I hope everyone has some lovely plans for the weekend. Whatever you end up doing, I hope you have fun!

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