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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cuddles With Cameron Tuesday 20th September

I have had a busy time lately!

I turned one last Tuesday and me and mummy had a really nice time together, I got lots of presents and yummy things to eat as well. Mummy spent a lot of time shopping towards the end of the week, getting lots of pretty things to bake. I didn't see her much on Friday because she was in the kitchen all day and night cooking yummy smelling things!

Me with Mummy on my Birthday

On Saturday I had my birthday party which was so much fun! I also got to meet my girlfriend Neve and her mummy Mel, and after the party (where I got even more presents!) we went down to the sea, though by that point Neve was sleepy in her pram, she is just a little baby still you see.

Me with mummy and Mel

Mummy has been very upset because she doesn't have her pretty phone anymore, and I am a bit annoyed too as I loved playing with it, though mummy would never let me put it in my mouth!

RIP Mummy's iPhone...

I hope all of mummy's readers had a good time this weekend and have lots of nice plans for the next week!

Speak again soon!

Cameron xxx

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