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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Addicted to the Sims!

When I was younger I remember everyone being obsessed with the Sims game first on the PC, then on Playstation etc etc... I never once had it. I played on it once on a mobile a little while ago but didn't get into it and then suddenly it came to Facebook and since I got it I have become obsessed!

Yes, this may be a little sad... but I don't care! I have always loved being imaginative and having my little fantasy lives which I used to write stories about. Now I can do everything in virtual life from decorating my house to learning new skills and meeting and making friends. It is a little bit of harmless fun online and another way for me to relax after a tiring day. I will no doubt become bored of it before too long, but for now I may be a little less present blogging whilst I strive to achieve the best house on the block in Sims land....

Have you ever got sucked into the Sims? Are you playing Sims on Facebook?


  1. I'm playing it on FB and I'm hooked too! I recently wrote a post about the Sims 3 and Sims Medieval and I was surprised at how many people commented saying they play too! You aren't the only sims obsessed! :D xxxx

  2. I have the Sims 3 PC game and can quite easily get lost in the game for hours. I once played for 6 hours straight!! I always follow the same strategy though.. Find a rich guy, marry him, build a big house, woohoo, have kids.. Chuck husband and kids out and find a new rich man. LOL! I'm not as heartless as I sound, I just love the howle building the enormous house part!

  3. I used to play it on my ipod touch until it kept freezing and annoying me, but I do love the sims!! xxx

  4. i have played since the original and still love the whole lot! xx


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