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Saturday, 3 September 2011

23 Things Before 23: 15 Make a Birthday Cake Myself

I have been planning on making Cameron's birthday cake myself for a long time and see it as a huge achievement. I haven't made a cake in 6 years! I decided to make Cameron a Fireman Sam cake as he loves the programme. Today I made a test run of the cake to see how feasible it was.

This is how it went:

The cake mixture

In the oven

One of the sponge cakes (I used two on top of each other and then another halved and doubled up for the cab of the fire engine)

The red icing made from ready to roll white icing and red food colouring

Halfway through the decorating

The finished product...

The fireman is the worst part! Am going to get a figurine instead!!

Ready to serve... mostly happy with the first attempt

I am pleased with the cake as a first attempt but will be learning from a couple of mistakes, taking longer on the presentation (I got very tired this time!), and definitely using a figurine of Fireman Sam as mine ended up looking a little weird and very drunk! I am very proud of myself for making the cake from scratch though!


  1. Well done on doing 1 of your 23 things so far hun!! The cake looks brilliant, great first attempt, I am going to do some baking tomorrow from the book you got me for my birthday I think :) xxx

  2. ahh thanks :) and yay! All of those recipes look so yummy! xxx


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