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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Things Can Only Get Better?

Today I was once again put through unbelievable stress from the estate agents. It is a long and boring story what is going wrong with the paperwork, but all that is important is that potentially I could end up losing the flat tomorrow, and this would make myself and Cameron homeless. I am sick to death of estate agents messing with people's lives over tiny details. I cried on the phone to the admin lady today. In a parked car. In Sainsbury's car park. Things have reached an all time low. On top of this I have had further stress across the board and Cameron decided to pick today to have a grumpy, clingy, I don't want to get to sleep at all day. I am sat with tear tracks running down my (white chocolate) face mask, hoping and praying that tomorrow I will actually get the flat, be handed the keys, and be able to move in..... Surely things can only get better?!


  1. aww Sweetie big hugs coming your way! i hope that by the time you have read this you have those keys in hand!

    shel xx

  2. ahh thanks, yep, have them :) xx


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