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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Product Review: Illamasqua Makeup in Powdered Metal

The product I was most excited about in my Glossybox was the makeup from Illamasqua. I wasn't quite sure what makeup it was meant to be but gave it a go....

What it says on the label:

"Art of darkness invites you to enter a world where seeing is believing, and believing  can be dangerous. Where mythical beings gather to feast, fantasize and create the ever elusive Elixer of Life. So indulge your extravagent side and revel in the other worldliness of night-time make-up".

"Delight in an intense radiance that no one can ignore. Apply to body and face using an Illamasqua Kabuki Body Brush or the puff supplied, to create anything from a subtle sheen to an extreme metallic finish. Step into the limelight and demand to be noticed".

The Product:

What I thought:

 I thought the packaging of this makeup was nice, but could have been much more as the range is sold to be the 'art of darkness' so it could have had a much more intricate design in my opinion. I did like that the packaging had quite a bit of detail on it, which was necessary as it wasn't immediately obvious what this product was. I was a bit confused and annoyed as the packaging mentioned an enclosed powder puff, which was not included. It would have been useful to apply the powder. I thought the product had a nice smell to it, which I was surprised by but it was a little bonus.

 The powder is in a nice smart looking small round pot with holes to prevent too much powder coming out at once. I shook it a little and used my fingers (as I said, the brush was not included) to dab some onto my cheeks. I was still a little unsure where I should put the powder. The label suggested it could be used all over the body for shimmer but I decided just to use it on my cheekbones and browline. The product didn't seem anywhere near as strong as I was expecting from its description and I needed to use a fair bit to give myself some shimmer so I can imagine it would take a lot if you were planning on using it all over your body or for the striking looks mentioned.

This is the product on my skin. I am only wearing day old makeup and the product so, as I said, the product only really gives a subtle sheen of colour. I like this, but some people may be disappointed by this as the product seemed to be saying it would make you stand out from the crowd.


4/5 stars. I liked the makeup and will definitely be using it again, but think the packaging details are a little misleading.

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