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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Planning My New Home!

I absoloutely love moving into a new flat, as much as I don't like the hassle moving brings with it, I love the feeling of starting afresh and making a house a home etc. This move is extra special as it will be mine and Cameron's first flat alone as a family! I am so excited to move in and have started visualising the rooms. Today I went and bought a few bits we will need such as a cabinet for the TV, and a bedroom lamp... and I also got a couple of non-essential bits that I justified as they help make the place more homely. I have had a bit of a go at planning what my rooms will look like.

My Bedroom: 

The Lounge:  

Cameron's Bedroom:

The Kitchen:


  1. all this looks so fun! my bf and i are getting a place soon and you have just made me so excited lol!

    shel xx

  2. ahh thanks girls :) It is great fun shopping for house stuff :) xxx

  3. Aww wow I love the ideas hun :) xxx


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