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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Photo of the Day 28th August

Today I have been pretty lazy! Cameron went over his nanny's this morning as he had me up every hour last night and I was shattered. I slept in for a bit and then ended up having two nice long conversations with two of my friends which was lovely as I had a good catch up with both girls. One of them was my best friend Aimee, one of Cameron's Godmums who I miss very much since she moved to Cornwall! After I had spoken to them I finally got dressed and went to meet my mum and Cameron and we went for a lovely relaxed Sunday lunch over my nan's house. It was very yummy! Afterwards we hung out there but my lazy streak stopped when I got back to the flat with Cameron as, whilst his dad came round to see him, I got on with the housework doing all the washing up, putting washing on, sorting out the bathroom and my room with the leftover bags from moving. I am back to being lazy now though as Cameron is asleep and I am chilling out with a film on TV.


  1. Love the picture you have used for this post hun!! Sounds like a nice chilled lazy day, which we can all have once in a while xxx


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