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Monday, 15 August 2011

My New Favourite Shop!

Ok so in the past three days I have been to H&M three times..... to be fair on the second and third times I was going there to exchange/return items... but I have a new love for their clothes and an unhealthy obsession with looking at their website as a result.

I have always liked their clothes as the quality of their material is amazing, especially as the prices are really reasonable. I especially love their basic range of tops as they are so cheap and a great wardrobe staple.

For my autumn/winter wardrobe I have bought one basics t shirt in black so far, but think I will be going back for a lovely fawn and navy blue colour in a few weeks.

I also love their jumpers, especially the grey and white striped one I bought the other day, which I went back and changed for a bigger size today as I wanted it extra snuggly for winter!

If you have yet to shop in H&M I would definitely recommend it as it always has so many lovely items, I could easily spend a lot of money in there!

I usually head straight to New Look for all my clothes, but from now on I will definitely be taking a look in H&M first!


  1. i feel exactly the same, I'm never off the website!lol!
    They have some gorge winter wear atm :)

  2. I know, could buy it all if I only had the money! Must stop looking!! xxx

  3. I always struggle to find something that catches my eyes when I go in H&M but now I have seen your posts I will now look much harder :) might help if I go to the bigger stores!! xxx


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