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Thursday, 25 August 2011

My Morning of Pampering!

Two days ago I shot up in bed suddenly remembering I had booked in a beauty appointment about a month ago for a day towards the end of August and I was worried I had missed it. Luckily I hadn't, and the appointment was for today at 11am. I had bought a voucher months ago on Groupon for £14 and for that I got a back, neck and shoulder massage, a manicure, and eyebrow threading.

I was most concerned about the last one as I had never had my eyebrows threaded before. I consider myself to be pretty low maintenance, and never really have any treatments done. I had a quick ask around on Facebook this morning and was assured it didn't hurt that much. When I had it done I didn't find it painful at all. It was a little unnerving as the sound is pretty loud as the hairs are being removed, but it is not painful and the results are great. I am really happy with my eyebrows now! I don't think I will have it done again, unless for a special occassion as I don't have the money for it, but I would recommend it as a beauty treat.

I then had the massage which was great, I had so many knots because of all the stress I have had lately, but the lady was amazing and got rid of all of them, and I felt so much better afterwards. Finally I had my manicure. As I bite my nails from time to time, they are pretty short which makes manicures a bit of a waste of time, but this was really nice as the woman was so friendly and chatty and she made my cuticles look so much better than they looked when I went in. I chose a bright baby pink colour for my nails and I love them, they look really nice and I will definitely have a manicure in the future, once my nails have grown a little more!

It was a lovely morning and definitely could not have come at a better time. I might just have to start looking on Groupon again, if only to book my mum something similar for her birthday!

1 comment:

  1. this sounds like a really good day, i really need something like this soon lol!

    shel xx


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