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Saturday, 13 August 2011

A Bit of Retail Therapy....

Today I woke up feeling extremely low. You may remember me mentioning that I have PND, and today it just started getting on top of me. So, in order to try and cheer myself up, and because I am in desperate need of some clothes for autumn/winter as all I have currently are summer dresses and skirts, I took myself, my brother, and Cameron along to our local shopping centre and had a bit of a shopping spree. This is what I bought:

Black Ruffle Detail Top- H&M

Slogan T-Shirt 'You and Me Together' - H&M

Plain Black T-Shirt-H&M

Baseball Style Blue and Grey Top-H&M

Grey and White Striped Oversized Jumper- H&M (my favourite item!)

Red Lace Underwear Set -H&M

Star Patterned Tights - New Look

Leopard Print Ballet Pumps - H&M

Pink Cupcake Print Double Oven Mitts - Lakeland

You are Mine Slogan Makeup Bag - H&M

Distressed Brown Handbag - Dorothy Perkins

I tried a lot of the clothes on in H&M and tried the oversized grey and white striped jumper on with a gorgeous pair of grey denim style leggings with black patches.

I didn't buy them as I was unsure at the time, but since getting home I keep looking at the photo I took of me in them in the fitting room and wishing I had bought them, so tomorrow I am going to go back and get them! I am still so unsure whether I can justify buying these things for myself so would love my followers/readers to leave honest opinions of the clothes and let me know whether you think I should keep them or not!!


  1. defo keep them you deserve to treat yourself once in a while too sweetie

    shel xx

  2. Keep them hun, you have worked so hard and you need a nice treat :) xxx


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