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Saturday, 27 August 2011

30 Day Celebrity Challenge: Day 3: Favourite TV celebrity character

My favourite TV character of all time has to be a duo of Ross and Rachel from friends. I love Jennifer Aniston as an actress and I just find all of David Schwimmer's acting in friends absolutely hilarious! Some of it is purely facial expression, he is just amazing in it, and I think teamed with Rachel in the biggest on-off relationship in TV history, they make for great TV. Who can forget 'we were on a break'?!


Breaking Up after Ross cheated...

Watching their Sex Tape (where they conceived baby Emma)

Apart, but happy with their baby

....and back together right at the end!



  1. Perfect choice for favourite character! I don't think there was anyone in the world that didn't want Rachel & Ross to be together happily ever after <3 xo

  2. ahh I know! I love the bit at the end where he listens to the voicemail from her and is like 'did she get off the plane?' and she comes in behind and says 'I got off the plane!' ahhhh love it! xx


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