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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

10 Day Friend Challenge: Day 1: Your Oldest Friend

The friend I am still in regular contact with that I have known the longest is Aimee. We met when we were 8 years old and starting a new school in year 4. We had the same lunchbox (Barbie) and Swimbag (Barbie) and decided that meant we were destined to be best of friends. We also share the same birthday which has been pretty amazing through the years and we have shared some great birthday memories. I would truly be lost without her (I am sure she will feature at least once more in this challenge) and am so glad we met back when we were young as it has given me a true friend for 14 years and counting....

Aged 15 with some of our other friends from school

On our 18th Birthday

Celebrating at my aunt's wedding in Summer 2007

During Uni, on a Seminar Social for my Course with Aimee

On our 21st birthday, I was 5 months pregnant at the time!

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