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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Product Review: Honey Bronze Shimmer Dry Oil

Tonight I will be reviewing: Honey Bronze Shimmer Dry Oil by The Body Shop

First of, I would like to say that this item was in fact given to me as part of an amazing goody bag by More! Magazine when I went to work for them for the Facebook Fan Issue of the magazine. However, although I did not buy it, I was also not given it by a company to review, as is the case with most other blog reviews, so this is totally unbiased and my own opinion- with me you get the honest truth!

What it Says on the Label:

Well it doesn't have a label in fact, but this is what it says on the webpage item description:

'This lightweight body oil gives skin an even bronzed look with a hint of shimmer. Apply over body using circular motions. Wash hands after use. Avoid contact with fabrics'.

The Product:
• Honey-bronze glow
• Tan-enhancing shimmer
• Non-greasy finish

What I Think:
I will no longer need this!
I was a little wary of this product when I got it in my goody bag as it is very chunky and heavy and I'm not sure really, I guess I thought it looked like it wouldn't be any good. I think this was based on having a similar looking product which was awful and I associated it with that. In fact, when I poured a few drops out and rubbed it onto my arm I could instantly tell how wrong I was as it was amazing. You literally only need a tiny amount as a little goes a long way, and with such a huge amount in the bottle I am sure this could easily last a long, long time. I am currently fake tanned and the oil added a lovely subtle shimmer to my skin and made me instantly want to spread it over my legs and go out and party. The oil is non greasy and I was able to type straight away without worrying about getting marks on the keyboard, always a good thing! I usually use Soap and Glory's dry body oil and never thought I would find something to rival it but I stand corrected. This oil is a great product and I would say well worth the cost (£16 for 100ml) because, as I say, it will last for ages! For this reason, I doubt I will need to buy it anytime soon, but I would definitely recommend it!
Not too clear, but this is where I applied the shimmer!


5/5 Stars!!


  1. WOW!! This looks amazing hun :) Brilliant review, I may have to go in search for some of this myself as I am like Casper at the mo xxxx

  2. I ADORE this product - my best purchase so far this year. :) xx


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