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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

My Plans for Tomorrow

My brother's 21st birthday is tomorrow so it is a day full of celebrations for my family.

In the day I am flat viewing but in the afternoon I am having Cameron babysat (for the first time with someone not a close family member, but a family friend instead! arghh!) as my family are all going to see Harry Potter at the cinema. Cameron isn't allowed to come to the film due to cinema regulations.

After the film I will be collecting Cameron and we are all going for a meal at Frankie and Bennies which will be yummy, love their food! I am undecided whether I am going to go out for a bit in the evening with my brother, his girlfriend and friends or not as I might be too tired as it will be a long day (yes, I am getting old and boring!).

I can't believe my brother is 21 though, it is crazy! He arrived back in Bournemouth tonight and is only here for 2 days so I have to make the most of seeing him as he will be back in Newcastle soon and it is so far away from here! I might not get a chance to blog tomorrow night as I will be out celebrating, but look out on Wednesday for some changes to the Blog and some new features... Have a good Tuesday!

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