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Thursday, 21 July 2011


I have just realised that I go away in two days... and I have not even started packing- arghh!! It will be my first proper holiday with Cameron and I am so excited to be getting away! We are only going to the Lake District as I have yet to sort out a passport for Cameron and I have more important things to be spending my money on right now than a holiday abroad... This means a 6/7 hour drive for my mum in the early hours of Saturday morning, I do not envy her! I am gutted that a good friend I met online goes away the same week as I am staying so near to where she lives.. grr! I am most excited to just get away from all the stress back at home and really be able to relax and unwind and spend some quality time with Cameron. I am not sure whether where we are staying has internet or not... If it doesn't I will be unable to blog much over the week, although I can update (without pictures) via my iphone whilst away. I am getting excited now... MUST. PACK. TOMORROW!!

Are you going anywhere nice on your summer holidays? Do you prefer to stay in the UK or travel abroad? Let me know below!

Where I will be in a few days :)


  1. I wish I was going abroad but I have no money :( sucks a lot lol but I prefer to go abroad the sun is hotter, and nicer beaches lol. Hope you have a lovely time xx

  2. I much prefer staying in the UK! It's better for the environment, saves money and there's so many amazing places. I especially like Cornwall. Although we're planning to go to Paris in November! xxx


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