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Monday, 18 July 2011

Cameron May Have an Intolerance...

Cameron cannot seem to eat yoghurt without it making him be sick. I thought it may have been a coincidence after the first time so tried again and it happened again. I have steered clear of the yoghurt since, but today Cameron grabbed my spoon when I was eating some ice cream and tonight he projectile vomited.

He is not usually a sicky baby, some babies throw up every time they are fed, especially when very young, but he has never been like this. It is such a shame that foods he loves to eat seem to be making him poorly.

I think he could be showing signs of an intolerance, so I am definitely going to get this checked out. I have had some amazing advice from a fellow mummy on Facebook, but if any of my readers have a baby with an intolerance to some dairy, or they themselves have an intolerance, I would love to hear your advice and alternative foods!


  1. As well as the soya products such as Alpro that Felicity mentioned, I think Lacto free have branched out to doing yoghurts and stuff too. That's if it is the lactose he is allergic too, its confusing if he can drink milk but struggles with the other types. Good luck hun xx

    A link to Alpro products, the yoghurts and soya desserts are nice, I like the milk but its an aquired taste, it took me a while to get used to but now i prefer it to Dairy.
    Lacto free is ok if you know its the lactose he's allergic to, but it might be another component of the milk. Here's their site: xxx

  3. Thanks hun, will take a look :) xx


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