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Sunday, 19 June 2011

My Thoughts on the Barry M Nail Effects Craze....

I have heard amazing rave reviews about the Barry M Nail Effects, from fellow bloggers, from people on Facebook, and from magazines. So, when I saw it in Superdrug over the weekend I thought I may as well give it a go. I bought the black one as I had seen photos of it and thought it looked the most impressive and thought some of the other colours just ended up looking tacky.

I will be honest and say that this review may not be entirely fair as I a) applied the varnish in the car on the way to Essex (don't worry, my mum was the one driving!!) and b) I have been told that it takes a little practise and I may need to start again and apply it again to fresh nails to see if it works better. However, I wanted to give an honest review on the product as I have first found it (this is 100% honest, unlike other reviews on blogs I have not been sent the item to review, which can create a bias, this proudct was bought with my own money!).

The packaging is quite eyecatching as it has a small information leaflet with a photo of what the nail can look like with the crackle effect over it. To be honest, this neither enticed me to buy nor put me off it. I think a lot of people buy the nail varnish through word of mouth, and in the future I will be a little more wary about this.

As I said, I applied the nail varnish in the back of my mum's car on a motorway. I am quite good at applying makeup and nail varnish in a moving car, though I do admit, this may have made my hand a little less steady than it could have been. I was unsure of how thick to layer on the nail varnish and was a little confused by it as it seemed to dry on impact, leaving not much time to paint the nail. The effect comes through instantly and I could see straight away that most of my nails looked less than pretty. I was wearing the Revlon scented nail varnish in shade 315 Pretty in Papaya, a sort of dark coral colour. I loved the initial colour, but with the black effect on top, my nails went almost red and black, the black was bumpy and not as I had imagined, and the whole thing just left my nails looking short (which they are, but they look worse with this on!) and unattractive. I was not impressed.

I spoke to my sister and to people online and they had mixed reviews, with some agreeing that the nail varnish is a little hit and miss. I personally would not say this product is worth the £3.99 it cost me. I would pay around half of that cost, when you factor in that the finished effect is pretty much out of your control. It does impress me that you can make your nails look like they have had nail art done, when in  fact all you had to do was paint on a coat of nail varnish, but I also feel that when I did this I was left looking like a five year old had attacked my nails with a magic marker...

Overall, I would say I was not sold on the Barry M Instant Nail Effects varnish. I will take it off, repaint my nails a hot pink colour and reapply the varnish to see if I have a better experience, but to be honest I am not holding out much hope.

This is what my nails look like with the nail effects on:

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  1. What a brilliant review hun, I have to agree that I wasn't 100% sold over by the effects of it. I hated it on my finger nails as it made them seem dark and the under coat fade away. But I did do my toe nails with it once and that seemed to look nicer, so maybe try that and see what you think? xxx


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