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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A look around my iPhone...

I have often seen people asking for advice on what phone to get once their contract has run out. I always comment the same thing- get an iPhone! I seriously do not know what I did before I had an iPhone. Yes, there are alternatives (read copies!), but the biggest and the best is definitely the iPhone. The biggest competitor is the Blackberry but I have heard so many bad reviews on them I will never get one. I also heard they are more for business people (and yes I do want to be one soon but I will not be owning a Blackberry!).

The iPhone's best features are the apps and the access to the internet using either 3G or WiFi (I have never used the WiFi feature however). I have quite an old model of the iPhone at the moment so the review is a little dated perhaps, but that just shows that the newer ones must be even better! I cannot wait to get a newer model of the iPhone when my contract is up for an upgrade in November. I know the iPhone 5 is due to be released in the UK soon but am not sure whether I will be able to afford the cost of the handset, I might end up going for an iPhone 4 instead.

One of the main reasons I love my iPhone so much is because it allows me to do pretty much anything just using my phone, not having to turn on a computer or laptop, thus allowing me to use it whilst I have Cameron crawling all over me.

The app I use the most has to be Facebook. It is a free app but I would have paid for it if I had needed to because I am literally always on it. I love that I can chat with my friends online on Facebook wherever I am throughout the day. Before, with my ordinary phone, I was only able to go on the internet when I urgently needed to, the connection was slow and it cost a bomb for only a few minutes! With the iPhone, the contracts include unlimited usage of the internet meaning you can literally stay on it all day if you really want to. I go on the More! Magazine page on Facebook a lot as well, especially when I am in the mood to give or receive some advice from people other than my close friends and family.

The other app on my phone I use the most is my hotmail, which has been linked up to the phone allowing me to send and receive email at the touch of a button. I can also easily send photos taken on my iPhone which has been great when writing my Blogs, or when I have taken photos of Cameron and wanted to send them to friends and family. I can also upload photos straight from my phone onto Facebook.

I have recently gotten back into using Twitter so have the Twitter app on the first page of my homescreen as well. I love how quick and easy it is to update what I am doing, or spy on celebrities just by clicking on the icon.

I am on dating site Plenty of Fish and I was pleased when I realised they had an app as it means I can check messages and matches on their so much easier now. I also love the weather app (that came with the phone) that shows me the week's weather forecast for locations you can programme into the memory. I currently have Bournemouth, Bude and London.

These are my top apps that I would say I use reguarly, but there are also others that I use from time to time. These include:

-LiveProfile (where you can chat to people instantly for free over all smartphones)
-Fortune Ball (like a magic 8 ball, just tap it to reveal the 'answer' to your question)
-Bump (you can share files and music just by lightly tapping two iPhones together using this app)
-Battery indicator (shows you how much battery you have left and how much time you have of doing certain things such as playing music or going online)
-BBC News
-Voodoo Doll (a bit of fun, though I stopped using it when my ex had a bad pain in his stomach after I used it on him....)
-MyFitnessPal (helped me keep track of things whilst losing weight)
-PhotoChop (allows you to edit your photos and create fun images)
-PenMyBlog (self explanatory, linked to Blogger and enables you to write up a blog post. Have yet to work out how to add photos though so rarely use this)
-Bakery Story (these two I don't use anymore but loved them back at Christmas time. They are addictive though so be warned! Think the SIMS but with food and cakes)
-Magic 105.4
-TV Guide
-Just Brush (I got this ages ago when I didn't brush my teeth for long enough at a time. It's actually pretty good and you may be surprised how long you actually brush for- often not anywhere near long enough!)
-Personal Stylist (This app is amazing. One of the stylists give you a message back when you send in a photo of an outfit, or two outfits to compare and let you know what they think. I used it when I was pregnant and trying to decide what to wear for my 21st and was so pleased with how fast the response was. My male cousin absolutely loved the women telling him he looked smart in his suit as well!)
-WhatsApp (I don't really use this anymore but it is a great app for chatting to others who have it quickly, easily and for free!)
-Paper Toss (a fun little, slightly addictive game where you throw paper balls into a bin)
-Talking John (another fun little app. The funny little blobs multiply and repeat back whatever you say to them in a funny voice. Amusing if you are very bored)
-Waterslide (I actually got this app and have yet to use it, but it is a game based on the Barclays waterslide advert so may give it a go later)
-iMessage (another way to message for free)
-TargetWeight (this is a great weight loss app and really helped motivate me to lose the weight I wanted to by Cameron's Christening. It has handy graphs to show your weight loss and you can add in details about yourself to find out your BMI, highly recommend!)
-StreetSpark (This is actually going to be deleted I think. I read about it in More! Magazine but it never really took off nationally leaving only weirdos, and not very local weirdos for me to choose from. It is a dating app but I am sure there are better out there)
-Vouchers (This is linked with a website that gives money off coupons for local restaurants, shops etc to your area. I found this pretty useful and have so far seen local vouchers for Frankie and Bennies which is pretty good)
-Bounce On (yet another little game!)
-Tumblr (not sure why I have this as I have Blogger not Tumblr, but would be useful if I did!)
-Bubble (an addictive little game, and great stress reliever, pop the bubbles as fast as you can)
-Groupon (amazing! Now I can look up my Groupon everyone day at midnight from the comfort of my own bed!)
-Hairstyles/cuts (I used this to help me decide whether to go short or not. It is not very good as it has barely any hairstyles to choose from, but gave me a general idea and was free compared to some of the expensive alternatives)
-Makeover (this again is not great, but is a bit of fun)
-ColorTest (this is an app to find out if you are colourblind or not... I am not... but it was quite fun finding out)

Cameron even has a few baby apps on my phone!
-Flash Cards
-Vocal Zoo (this is a great app and his favourite. It plays animal noises when you press on the different animals. Quite annoying, especially when you have a headache, but he loves it so I let him use it every so often)
-Play Phone

He absolutely loves being able to play on my phone, and they help teach him things as well, win-win!

Almost all of the apps I have mentioned are free apps, as I am stingey. I only really purchase songs and ringtones on my phone. I have a collection building up of songs I love and it's so easy to choose the latest songs and upload them straight to your music library.

So yes, I am Emma-Louise and I am addicted to my iPhone....

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  1. Love this post! I'm getting an iPhone around september time when the iphone 5 comes out but will prob get the 4 as 5 will be ridiculously expensive when it comes out. Cant wait, i am so bored of my BlackBerry now, yeah theyre ok but compared to the iPhone the apps are a load of rubbish and i just really really want an iPhone 4! lol.
    Nic xx


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