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Saturday, 11 June 2011

I have a new 'Speciality Dish'

I have always been good at only one recipe when it comes to cooking for my family which is Shepherds Pie. I decided a couple of weeks ago to cook a regular puff pastry pie instead and opted for a Chicken and Sweetcorn filling. The pie was a success, and tasted bloody delicious if I do say so myself, but I did end up burning my arm on a red hot baking tray and leaving quite a nasty scar... Not so good... Today I decided I wanted to make the pie again, but this time it was for 5 instead of 4 and a couple of the people didn't like sweetcorn very much so I made two pies. One was chicken and sweetcorn again, and the second was chicken and mushroom. These pies went even better than last time and I am now officially the pie maker of the family. I shall definitely be making this pie again in the future, as well as experimenting with different fillings. Love pies, just wish they weren't so bad for you!

My dinner tonight

Cameron had his own dinner... too cute! (He did not eat all of it though, think I gave him a toddler portion!)

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