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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Giveaway Time!

I have been preparing the giveaway today and have decided to have two prizes rather than one, which means double the chance of winning! I wanted to have a giveaway because I have now got over 100 followers on my blog and I wanted to give two of my readers a little treat. The prizes can be seen below....



I only ask two entry requirements, that you comment below with your name and email address (as per usual), but also that you write:

a) what your favourite thing is about the blog
b) what you would love to see on the blog in the future

I wrote the blog for myself, but continue to write it for you, my readers. You are the ones keeping the blog alive and I always love to hear your feedback!

The giveaway closes Wednesday next week (29th June) at 6pm. I am afraid that it is not an international competition as I cannot afford the postage, sorry!

I will draw the two winners as soon after the competition closes as possible.

Good Luck!

P.S If you wish to advertise the giveaway/blog to your friends that would be great, but it is not compulsory, likewise with blogging about the giveaway. I don't give extra entries for these things as it makes it fairer for those who do not have a blog to post on. You will however gain my eternal gratitude!


  1. Yay, this giveaway looks like so much fun :)

    charlotte elizabeth

    What i love about your blog - I love reading your posts of your plans and what your going to be getting up to at the weekend :) i also love the posts on cameron.

    What I want to see more of - Outfit of the days, i keep seeing you in lovely stuff and want to know where you get it from, i know u've done these posts but i'd love to see more.

  2. I love reading about my favourite moreo man growing up and what he is up to :) and hmmm what id like to see more of hmmmm...... Id like to see naked men please or hot men in pants or just a bum would be fine failing that just more of the same chicken its all good xxxxxxxxxxxx

    my word verification this time is samediv lol xxxxx thought id share

  3. not sure who that wierdo was above but my name is claire lewis and email is :D xxxxxxxxx

  4. these prizes are lush!

    -my favourite thing about the blog is the honest reviews because it helps when you're deciding what products to buy.
    -in the future i would love to see readers experiences on these products. for example if they have the product then they could input on the review having their own opinion.xx

    p.s. thankyou sooooooooooo muchly for following my blog :-)xx

  5. Hazel Whiteland - I love all the blogs about your pregnancy and general baby stuff, but I also love how you contrast that with being a normal 22 year old. I'd like you just to keep doing more of the same, you balance it really well.

  6. p.s. abigail hyslop xxxxxxx

  7. Jessica Louise Hackney

    This is the 1st competition I've ever entered for blog, so wish me luck!

    As a young mum myself, I love everything you write about Cameron.. You seem like an amazing mum to him and I inspire younger mothers like yourself; being able to stick to university and juggling being a mum..
    In the future, I'd just like to see more Mummy updates and other people doing mini-blogs for you, like Amy :) I find things like that the most enjoyable to read keeping me entertained &+ coming back for more :)

    Thankyou! xxx

  8. My favourite thing about your blog is the pregnancy section
    What I'd like to see more of is clothes or make up reviews etc.
    Mianka Veitch

  9. Lovely giveaway!great prizes <3

    Anna smith

    my favouriute thing about youe blog is the reviews:D

    i would like to see more reviews and more fashion posts!


  10. only ask two entry requirements, that you comment below with your name and email address (as per usual), but also that you write:
    charlotte simms

    my favourite thing about your blog is it's so real, and natural, it has exciting stories to read, cute little give aways and it's about your life which sounds so interesting all the time, i also love hearing about how your little man is growing up and you always have awesome pictures!! x

    like to see more stories of your little man and his adventures cause i am broody and have no baby haha xx

  11. Rachel Crawford

    My favourite thing about your blog is that you really open up to all of your readers and even though I haven't met you it feels like I have known you years.

    I would love to see more about your family (as they all seem so nice from the psots so far) and possible outfits and nails etc?

    Lots of love

  12. Louise McKeen -

    My favourite thing about your blog is reading about your gorgeous little man and when you did the pregnancy posts. You need to have another one so i can read those again :P

    I would like to see your outfit of the week as well as recipes for the meals you post on facebook :) xx


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