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Monday, 20 June 2011

Back on the Healthy Eating...

I have been a bit of a bad girl lately when it comes to eating healthy... I am staying at my mum's in order to get my dissertation finished, and she is a bad influence. We often eat chocolate whilst watching films, and I tend to make more 'heavy' meals for us and my brother when I am there. I have not put on weight, but have noticed it around my tummy and I also feel rubbish when I eat bad foods. I am going on a 'health kick' tomorrow for a few weeks to feel better in myself. I haven't a specidic goal as such, just wanting to trim up a bit and feel healthier in myself.

me before I was pregnant!
I am going to be making sure I eat a healthy breakfast, as too often I skip it, as well as eating snacks of fruit and vegetables throughout the day. I love tikka flavoured chicken or turkey pieces at lunchtime and hate bread so usually have it alone or with a salad. I aim to eat healthy, home cooked meals and avoid anythting processed in the evening. I will be reinstating my one treat day a week foodwise, where I will no doubt be eating curries, chocolate and crisps. I will also be walking lots more, doing my pilates DVD and when I get the chance (as the Wii is back at my flat) I will be doing the Zumba for Wii as I found that really helped motivate me as results happen quicker.

Do any of my readers have any tips for healthy eating? Or have you got some exercises that will help me tone up my 'mum tum' faster? Let me know below!


  1. Good luck with it all hun :) you can do it!!

    I would 100% say get the Kate Lawler boxing dvd (it is quite old now) but it is fantastic there are different sections to do and the warm up is just enough at times. I did it while I was at school instead of sports and had such fun, so I got it on dvd last week and even Liam joined in with me :) It really does work


  2. I have given you a blog award :)


  3. Good luck with the healthy eating, hun!
    By the way, I've awarded you a blog award :) xo


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