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Sunday, 8 May 2011

A new Challenge!

I have decided to start a new daily challenge for my Blog as I am so busy with revision for my final year exams at the moment and I don't want to abandon the blog!

So, my next challenge is:

15 day quote challenge
Day One: a quote that describes you
Day Two: a quote from your favorite writer
Day Three: a quote from your favorite book
Day Four: a quote that makes you laugh
Day Five: a short quote
Day Six: a quote from a song
Day Seven: a quote you disagree with
Day Eight: a stupid quote
Day Nine: a quote from someone you know personally
Day Ten: a well-known quote
Day Eleven: a quote about love
Day Twelve: a quote about friendship
Day Thirteen: a quote about cats
Day Fourteen: a quote about something you love
Day Fifteen: your favorite quote 

Hope you find it interesting!


  1. I can't wait for day 13 hahahaha :) xx

  2. haha totally shld have read the entire list before agreeing to do it! hmmm...maybe change it? or just find a very funny cat quote.... in fact, OMG I have just thought of the funniest Cat related quote ever! xx


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