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Monday, 25 April 2011

Introducing 2 New Features!

I have had lots of helpful readers complete my poll already. If you haven't yet, there is still a chance as it closes tomorrow.

From looking at the results at present, there are five things that readers seem to want more of. These are more about Cameron and motherhood, more giveaways, more product reviews, more about me and finally an outfit of the week. These final two features I will be starting this week.

I will be starting a feature called My Diary, which will be posted each day with bullet points of my day and a photo from my day to sum it up. This will act as an insight into my life and is going to be a little experimental for a week or two to see if it is something people would like to see more of.

I also love the idea of sharing what I am wearing and have seen people put up blog posts on what they wear each day but feel this isn't for me as I tend to rotate my outfits so there might be repeats if I were to post that often so instead I will be posting my outfit of the week each week.

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