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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cameron's Christening is Less than a Week Away....

....and the pressure is on!

I know Christenings are nowehere near as big as Weddings on a planning scale, and they are also most usually never given as much thought as I have given to Cameron's. But, as an events student who is about to start her own business up properly, I want everything to be perfect for my little boy's big day!

I had a little surge today and bought the paper plates, plastic cups and bowls and some serviettes (in cream, of course!). I also arranged for the cupcakes to be made in cream and lilac with my friend Kirsty who has her own Catering Company. I had a 'meeting' with Cameron's daddy and we finalised the guest list. We have around 50 people coming between us! I also bought balloons, a banner and some blue christening confetti for my mum's flat, and have put together a photo display with photos of me, Cameron's daddy and Cameron himself for above where the guestbook is going to be.

An example of Kirsty's Cupcakes!

I found a gorgeous handmade personalised guestbook on eBay and it is being sent out this week. I love keeping memories and will be making sure everyone writes something in the book, along with photos so he can look back on the day when he is older. I have a lot planned for this week, to make sure everything goes as planned at the weekend. I am meeting with the Vicar and his replacement in the week as he is unable to make the service himself as he is out of town, I will be taking my official photographer Carl Lewis along with me so he can have a look around the Church before Sunday. I will also be going shopping for some crisps, sweets and chocolatey things before the weekend to add to the cupcakes and tea, coffee and soft drinks.
The Guestbook :)

Everything is coming together now and I am majorly excited. I am having family come from all over to the Christening, so it's going to be a little hectic by the end of this week, luckily I am having a bit of time out to pamper myself and having my highlights done on Friday afternoon, after way too much regrowth in my opinion! I will also need to fit in having my dress altered, having lost all of the weight I wanted to, the dress I chose a couple of months ago is now way too big!

If you are coming to the Christening, I shall see you there!

If not, make sure you take a look at my Blog next week to read all about how the big day went!

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