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Thursday, 7 April 2011

30 Day About Me Challenge: Day 12: How you relax

I find it very hard to relax, with a 7 month old baby it is never easy! As strange as it may be to some people, I really do find Blogging relaxes me. I love to give myself a break at the end of a long day, after my Uni work has been done, to write whatever's on my mind on here. I find it a bit like therapy, especially when I write about personal topics. Other ways I like to relax are:

Shopping- online/window/actual, it doesn't matter!
Pampering- face masks, painting nails, fake tanning etc, love doing it but rarely get a chance to anymore
Watching Friends or a 'chick flick'
Listening to music and singing along
Planning things (again, should not be relaxing but for me it is!)

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