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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Upcoming Events in My Life!

I am very excited about the rest of this year! I have lots of things going on and I cannot wait.

1. Cameron's Christening!

Cameron's Christening is all planned now, apart from a couple of minor details. It is being held on 10th April, which is just 6 weeks away. I have gone about planning this with military precision, much like a wedding, so it should be an amazing day.

2. My Fake 21st (i.e. my 22nd!)

As I was 5 months pregnant on my 21st birthday last year, I don't feel I enjoyed it as much as I could have done. I was at an awkward stage where I was showing but not really obviously so I just felt a bit fat and fed up, and I couldn't drink either. So, this year, I plan to replace it with a fake 21st instead of a 22nd Birthday (don't worry I won't end up one of those women who are forever 21, I will just skip a year and go straight from'21' to 23 next year). I haven't finalised plans yet so they are subject to change, but at present, a stay in Brighton is definitely on the cards, hopefully meeting up with some amazing girlies as well as my best friends. I am also looking into activity days back in Bournemouth, and going to have a childish birthday tea back at mine as well! I am very excited as planning is what I love to do.

3. The End of My Degree!

I finish exams on 31st May, so this is technically when I finish my degree, though I will most probably have an extension on my Dissertation slightly after this. But, by the middle of Summer I will definitely have finished Uni which is slightly scary, but more exciting! I have been studying for so many years now and cannot wait to actually put this knowledge to good use and start up my business!

4. Moving into my Own Flat with Cameron

My lease on this flat ends 1st September so I will be moving out, just me and Cameron, to a flat somewhere in the area! I am a little nervous as I have never lived 'alone' as such, always with flatmates or my mum, but I am also looking forward to it as it means freedom and a fresh start for me and my little boy! I am thinking of moving as near to Sandbanks as I can afford at the moment, as it is such a lovely area and I have always wanted to live there! I will start looking at flats over the summer and cannot wait.

5. Cameron's 1st Birthday!

Cameron turns 1 just after we will have moved which will be a little hectic. I haven't really started thinking about what I will be doing for it yet, as it is still so far away, and also because I won't be making too much of a big deal with it as he won't be that aware what is going on. I will be making it special for both of us though so look forward to planning it.

6. My Graduation!

I graduate in November and am really looking forward to it! I went to my mum's graduation for her Masters last summer and I was so proud of her. I want my mum to be just as proud of me as I was of her! I am even looking forward to wearing the frumpy gown and hat as it will be proof of how much I have struggled this year to get there!

7. Cameron's 2nd Christmas!

I know baby's first Christmas is meant to be the most special, but as Cameron was only a few months old last Christmas, I am more excited to see how he will react this year as he will be more aware of what is going on! I hope he likes his presents a bit more at least, and he will be able to eat a Christmas dinner which will be lovely!

So those are the things I am most excited for in 2011!


  1. aww emma it all sounds like its going so well for you, im so happy :)

    it will be nice for cameron to be a bit older to enjoy opening presents :) so exciting.

    i finish uni around the same time as you, its scary!! i dont know what to do with myself lol

    and good luck with the flat search, you will love living on your own, i do, things where ever i want, its great!! good luck with it all xxx

  2. Thanks hun :)I just can't wait to not be 'at school' anymore! xx


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