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Monday, 28 March 2011

Internet Things I am loving Right Now!

These are the things on the Internet/iPhone that I am loving at the moment:


1. Groupon ( ): online discount voucher site, with specific deals for your local town updated daily!

2. LiveProfile (iPhone, as well as android and blackberry): the newest craze for me, an instant messaging service which is unique as it crosses all three major smart phone platforms. It is free, so get adding your friends to chat for free instantly!

3. Blogger ( and iPhone): obviously I can't get enough of blogging at the moment, and also know quite a few other people who write blogs and I love reading them!

4. Events Magazine ( This is a great site for people interested in Events as it is the official online magazine for the industry. It also lists the most recent jobs across the UK in events and related industries such as marketing and catering.

5. Facebook ( and iPhone): obviously this is not a new site/app, but it is the most popular for me still! It is always the first thing I log onto as I like to catch up on what friends and family are up to as well as letting of some steam with my status updates.

6. Target Weight (iPhone): This is a great little free app (I only have free aps on my phone as I see most others as a rip off!). It allows you to put in your height and weight as well as a little profile info, then it shows you your BMI on a chart so you can see how good or bad it is, and then you can enter your target weight to make yourself the BMI you want to be. It will then tell you how much weight you have left to lose, and plots your weight loss on a handy little graph which I have found really motivating. I love it!

7. Nectar (iPhone): As a nectar card holder, and a frequent Sainsburys shopper, I love this handy little app. It allows you to see what your nectar deals are, and then get them if you wish. You can then use the deals in store. There are sections for Homebase and other stores as well that give nectar points, so it isn't just for Sainsburys.

8. Plenty of Fish ( and iPhone): As a single girl, I do sometimes end up back on this popular free dating site and I love how easy to use it is. I found the free app for it recently and love how easy it now is to check out my messages whilst on the go. Love it!

9. Play Phone (iPhone) This is an app for babies! It allows them to play with the iPhone like a toy phone, with big touch screen buttons that make fun noises to amuse the baby and teach them to talk on a phone. There is also the great option to record your own message for your baby quickly and easily, which can be rerecorded at any time. I just said hello it's mummy, but may be a little more creative next time! I have only tried it once with Cameron but he seemed to love it, as he loves my phone!

10. Bubble (iPhone): This is great if you love popping bubble wrap to destress, as it is a much cheaper and less messy option! Great graphics too.

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