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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Cameron's Weaning Journey: Getting the hang of this blending thing now!

Cameron's 2nd homemade puree was  a more savoury one. I wanted it to be as similar to a Sunday Lunch as possible, whilst still being only vegetables so I made a sweet potato, carrot and brocolli as this is one of Cameron's favourite Ella's Kitchen flavours.

Sweet Potato, Carrot and Brocolli:


To make this Puree you will need:

-1 medium Sweet Potato
-1 1/2 Carrots
-3/4 small stalks of Brocolli

Equipment you will need:

-1 medium sized saucepan
-1 sharp knife
-1 blender (I use a handheld one)

First, wash all of the ingredients. Pour some water into the saucepan and put it on the heat to boil. Peel the sweet potato and carrots and chop into slices.

Once the water is boiling, put all the ingredients into the pan and cover with the lid to steam.

Once the vegetables are all soft enough to mash, take the pan off the heat and drain half of the water away. Using the blender, puree until the mixture is nice and soft without any chunks left.


Pour into storage containers.

This recipe will make enough for 6 meals.

Cameron loved this puree. He loved sitting at the dinner table with everyone as well, feeling like he was a part of Sunday dinner!

N.B. N.B. Food that won't be used within 24 hours of preparing it needs to be stored in the freezer and defrosted before serving to baby. This can be done in the microwave, but needs to be steaming hot and then cooled back down before serving. Test the puree's temperature on your wrist before serving.


  1. awwwww he looks so quite eating! :D i cant wait to do this haha xxx

  2. lmao when i say quite i meant cute! dont know why the hell i wrote quite haha xxx

  3. lol! It is so so much fun :) can't wait to try out some different flavours! xx


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