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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

30 Things to do before I die

I wrote a list of things I wanted to do before I die but lost it so decided to write a new one:

1. Have another baby
2. Go to New York, Greece and the Caribbean
3. Take Cameron to Disneyland once he is a little older and able to appreciate it
4. Get married
5. Have a third and final tattoo
6. Own my own business
7. Travel by myself somewhere
8. Have a car that cost more than £1000
9. Swim in the sea
10. Have another 3some :P
11. Decorate my own house
12. Stay in a really posh hotel
13. Take a long road trip with my best friend
14. Write the story of my life
15. Graduate my degree
16. Grow my nails
17. Learn to cook more
18. Show my mum how much I appreciate all that she's done for me
19. Learn to dance
20. Be on TV
21. Find the love of my life
22. Stay up a whole night talking
23. Watch the sunrise/sunset
24. Go on a girly holiday
25. Have a professional massage
26. Go on a massive shopping spree
27. Throw Cameron a huge birthday party
28. Go abroad somewhere cold and snowy for Christmas
29. Go to a school reunion
30. Have no regrets

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